Biography of Kuh Kintsugi Atelier

Biography of Kuh Kintsugi Atelier

200112Opened “Simple Cooking” in Omotesando, Aoyama, Tokyo.
20078“Kuh Weekend Kintsugi Workshop” is held twice a month.
10Store and kintsugi studio closed due to reconstruction of the building.
11“Kuh Kintsugi Class” resumes at Shimokitazawa Free Classroom.
2008Designer Hotel CLASKA (Meguro, Tokyo)
Held a Kintsugi workshop that combined hotel direction work with Japanese food culture and the traditional craft of Kintsugi.
20091Participated in the Kintsugi Workshop at OZONE Eco Style Housing 2009 at Living Design Center OZONE, Shinjuku, Tokyo
10After finishing his work at Hotel CLASKA, he moved to Akasaka Table Studio Takito and continued “Kuh Kintsugi Class”.
20102Tokyu Tama Plaza Exhibition Kintsugi Workshop
4Moved from Akasaka Table Studio Takito to Minami Aoyama
2011Classes are held at Minami Aoyama Classroom, Tsukiji Kitchen Studio, Hiroo Studio, Setagaya Monozukuri School Jiyu Daigaku, Tokyu Tama Plaza Store, Tokyu Kichijoji Store, etc.
12The first Kintsugi exhibition held at Gallery 5610, Omotesando, Tokyo.
20124Opened “Kuh Kintsugi Studio” in Akasaka.
12The 2nd Kintsugi Art Exhibition at Gallery 5610, Omotesando, Tokyo
Futakotamagawa Takashimaya CS
2013Akasaka Studio, Tsukiji Kitchen Studio, Hiroo/Akasaka Studio, Setagaya Monozukuri School Jiyu Daigaku, Tokyu Tamaplaza Store, Tokyu Kichijoji Store, Futakotamagawa Takashimaya CS, etc. to present

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Since has been published in Croissant many times, the most recent ones are listed. Many other publications, mainly in women’s magazines.

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