Past Works: Publications in Books

2003“Kanro na Gohoubi” by Marina Watanabe Magazine House
2005“Kanro na Gohoubi 2” by Marina Watanabe Magazine House
“Mariko Style” by Mariko Shimada Shodensha
“It is delicious! ” by Mariko Shimada Futami Shobo

Past Works: Publications in Magazines

2004“Omotesando Brand Cruising” in the October issue of Domani
2005“From Grandmother to Mother, Mother to Daughter” In the July issue of Linkeran
“Living Slowly, Living Carefully” in Beautiful Room
2006“The New Omotesando: The Guru’s Aoyama”
In the April issue of Maple
2009“It’s not too late to make your debut as a hobbyist in your 40s.”
In the April issue of BR10
“That Taste Again” in the July issue of SPUR
“Are you using it? Good quality ingredients”
In October and November issue of Croissant
2010“Caring for and Using for a Long Time”
In June issue of Mrs.
“Tips for Making Delicious Everyday Side Dishes”
Croissant Special Edition
The Origin of Japanese “Food”, the “Origin” of Life
Croissant bio vol.9
2011“Age is a Woman’s Friend” Croissant 1.10
“Organic is Best” Foundation for Living
Croissant bio vol.10
“Now we rely on the power of food” Croissant 7.10
2012“Cute Magazine Special” in February issue of OZ Magazine

Since has been published in Croissant many times, the most recent ones are listed. Many other publications, mainly in women’s magazines.

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