Kounel 11, 2018

(Excerpt from Kounel Issue 11, 2018)

Kuh Kintsugi Workshop, which also holds exhibitions.

Ms. Kazue Itoh started kintsugi 20 years ago. At that time, there were no specialized classes, so she learned at an antique shop in Nihonbashi. After that, she started a restaurant, and while using the repaired vessels from the restaurant, customers asked her to teach them.

Over the past 18 years, she has produced many students who are now active as potters or other craftsmen who use kintsugi techniques. She says that she started with a sense of art, but “the star of the show is the food. The ideal way to show the kintsugi is to make the inside of the dish shine, and if you look closely, you can see that the kintsugi has been amended to make it look like the main dish. My role is to teach them how to mend it beautifully without making it stand out,” she says. Every year, she holds a group exhibition where she sells her students’ works. He says, “It’s a fun way to give the vessels I mended to strangers. It would be wonderful if those vessels could fly across the ocean to the other side of the world,” she says of her dream.

Precious 2017 JUNE6

Precious 2017 JUNE6

(Excerpt from Precious 2017 JUNE6)


The time to start “Japanese Keiko” is now!

As a hobby, as a learning experience, as a reserve for life…

The time to start “Japanese Keiko” is now!

“I’m learning to cherish things and also learning about the mind.

Keiko is the to be mindless. It’s fun to incorporate the finished product into my daily life.”

By Takami Matsumoto (model)

Ms. Ito is particular about beauty, not just repair. Many of her students have been coming for a long time.

From Kuh Kintsugi Workshop “Gallery 5610

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