Kintsugi Class October 2021

Kintsugi Class October 2021 You can experience “kintsugi” in a spacious space. Introduction of Instructor Kuh Kintsugi Workshop Instructor Kazue Itoh After the establishment of the Government Tourist Office in Macau, she was in charge of joint promotions with the Hong Kong Tourism Board and Cathay Pacific Airways, and participated in domestic and international promotions. After working in the hotel industry for about 20 years, she opened the brown rice restaurant “Kuh” in Aoyama, Tokyo in 2000 (until 2007). Currently, she teaches cooking and original modern style kintsugi at “Table Studio Takito” and other places. Other Activities – Holds classes related to food at various locations in Tokyo. She teaches classes on seasonal preserved foods, pickles, miso soup, and other handmade foods. – Kuh Kintsugi Workshop “Asobi” and “Reborn the life of vessels” – From Food to Vessels. “Kintsugi” is a technique to repair and continue using everyday vessels. 2011 Exhibition “Asobi” from Kuh Kintsugi WorkshopMedia Coverage > Tokyo Minami-Aoyama Kuh Kintsugi AtelierAgency Century Mutual Hong Kong CO.LTD.